RainSoft Water Softeners Deliver Smart Performance You Can Count On

For decades, the RainSoft name has been synonymous with technologically advanced water softening equipment that homeowners can depend on. Every RainSoft water softener is designed to provide a lifetime of superior performance and worry-free operation. By turning ordinary water into extraordinary water, RainSoft water softeners noticeably improve a wide variety of everyday household activities, such as bathing, doing laundry, and washing dishes.

Say goodbye to all of the ill effects of hard water at home with a RainSoft water softener, available in the following models:

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Each of these premium products undergoes rigorous third-party testing, comes backed by an unsurpassed Limited Lifetime Warranty, and is assembled in a modern, ISO 9001-certified Midwest facility. RainSoft technology has been instrumental in taking the worry out of water for families since 1953.

EC5 Water Conditioning System

EC5 Water Conditioning System

The EC5 provides real-time system status notifications for low salt, loss of power and power restored, service reminders for filter changes, and other useful reminders.

EC4 Water Conditioning System

EC4 Water Conditioning SystemComes standard with a smart-feature microprocessor controller that handles thousands of computations per second and responds in real time to your family’s home water treatment needs. 

EC4-CAB Water Conditioning System

EC4-CAB Water Conditioning System

RainSoft’s new EC4 Technology provides unparalleled ease of use, with features and benefits that ensure your family receives the finest water possible throughout your home.

TC Series Water Conditioning System

TC Series Water Conditioning System

Softens, conditions and filters your water to remove calcium and magnesium – the two primary components of hard water. Incorporates an electronic timer that is simple to program.

Water Filtering

Poor Quality Water is No Match for a RainSoft Water Filtration System

Iron, sulfur, manganese, lead, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are just some of the contaminants that a RainSoft water filtration system can address. Even if your water meets all federal water-quality standards, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it meets your own standards. Investing in one of RainSoft’s “problem-solving” filters will mean never again having to worry about unpleasant odors, disagreeable smells, floating particles, and other issues that can diminish your family’s water quality.

Long one of the most well respected names in the residential water treatment industry, RainSoft manufactures a variety of technologically advanced whole-house filters:

Whole-House Carbon Filtration System

RainSoft Whole-House Carbon Filtration Systems are designed to help solve special water treatment problems, and are built for long life and trouble-free operation.
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Semi-Automatic Whole-House Carbon Filtration System

RainSoft filtration systems are designed to help solve special water treatment problems and are built for long life and trouble free operation.
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EC4 OxyTech™

The RainSoft EC4 OxyTech system reduces iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, providing a reliable supply of treated water with minimal attention.
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RCUV™ Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

The RainSoft RCUV Series incorporates the time-tested technology of ultraviolet light to reduce some of the most common microorganisms found in water.
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Salt Deliveries

When it is time to refill your brine tank, PA Water and Energy Solutions will do the heavy lifting. We offer salt deliver services which saves you the added stress of having to remember every time your water conditioning unit needs attention. We will hand deliver salt to you on schedule which frees up your time to focus on what is most important to you. PA Water and Energy Solutions will ensure you will receive the correct salt for your system.

Water Softening Lancaster

Water Softening

Water Softening Lancaster

When you opt to have water-softening installed in your home or business, you’ll notice your skin is smoother and softer, and your silverware, mirrors and plumbing fixtures will shine.

Water softening works with a brine tank and a media tank. The brine tank is short and filled with salt and the media tank is tall with a control valve.

The media tank houses small, negatively charged beads. All water passes through the media tank and passes over the beads. Calcium, magnesium and iron stick to the beads.

A meter inside the media tank measures how much water is being used. When the beads exceed the ability to remove the minerals, the tank begins the regeneration process to expel dirt and sediment to the sewer system or drain followed by a brine cycle.

Brine solution is sucked from the brine tank to the media tank through a small tube and it flushes through the media tank, washing over the beads. When this happens, it releases the calcium, magnesium and iron which is then expelled from the tank. It then rinses. Water is flushed over the beads washing any leftover hardness and washes away the brine.

Finally, the media tank will fill the brine again with water so it is ready for the next regeneration.

As a result, you’re left with cleaner, softer laundry, spotless kitchens and bathrooms, and shampoo that washes clean which makes your hair smooth and shiny.

Water Maintenance

Water Softening for Hard WaterPA Water and Energy Solutions will make sure your water softening system remains running properly for years to come. Our technicians come to your home or business to test your softener and check the brine tank to make sure the salt is properly distributed. Our certified technicians will clean brine tanks to remove debris to ensure water can flush over the salt. After your brine tank is cleaned, our technicians will check the time settings on your media tank to ensure the meter is working and make sure the mechanical clock is operating so the regeneration process works efficiently. Our certified technicians will exercise the valves to keep the O-rings lubricated to ensure water does not drip from the system.

Water Softening Lancaster